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"I read it in one day (unusual for me), and it completely absorbed me ... a tight, well-plotted mystery. If only every author of a mystery novel could find a way of starting their book with a similar 'get you in' ... it grabbed my attention as much as any Ellery Queen or Mickey Spillane!" - Bob Sessions

5.0 out of 5 stars The Millennium Job is a terrific read. The plot is not only engaging but also creative. It features some unexpected twists and the odd MacGuffin skillfully deployed. The central proposition - what might happen to rounded up cents when the millennium bug was fixed - provides a fascinating underpinning to the story. The characters are believable; the Melbourne setting is captured exceptionally well and the plot....well I'm not going to comment on the plot for fear of a spoiler - but it provides a surprising and original take on the murder mystery genre." - Noel Turnbull ( Noel Turnbull is the author of The Millennium Edge (Allen & Unwin) amongst other books.

5.0 out of 5 stars Hold onto your hat and dive in. Get ready for a romping tale of murder, intrigue and a delightful detective of Vietnamese heritage whose quirky character anchors this novel in the heart of Melbourne. First things first though: The opening paragraphs instantly alert the reader to a murder, when a young woman wakes from an alcohol-fuelled sleep to discover a dead man in her bed. She has no recollection of a sexual romp, no idea who he is and absolutely zero clue of how he got there. The story weaves a tight narrative of intrigue as everyone scrambles to figure out who this guy is and why he was murdered. The twist at the end is as surprising as the taut narrative of this first crime novel by Gerrand. My advice: Find a comfortable nook to dive into the mysteries that The Millennium Job uncover. - G R Fitzgerald (

4 stars
really liked it The story moves at an amazing pace through dialogue, something the author is a master at.
The story grabs you from the start with a strange situation and the funny remarks, although I think the jokes fade away towards the end of the novel.
I particularly love Detective Nguyen and how Gerrand chose an Asian-Australian as the main character. It's great that Gerrand gave him a very human dimension when his family is introduced and how he's a dedicated father and husband. Crime novels usually depict their detectives as loners, womanizers or tough guys who "make their own rules". He's not your typical "Dirty Harry" Callahan. Can't wait to read more Detective Nguyen novels. - Leo Jahn (Goodreads)

5 stars I thoroughly enjoyed this well paced, action packed story. A great hook with lots of twists and turns made me want to read on.
Wonderful characterization with each individual having their unique personality traits which were consistent throughout.
I loved the way the Millennium Job finished with tying up all the loose ends. Great ending!
I highly recommend this terrific read. - Kim Smith (Goodreads)