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The Book Blinders

Annals of Vandalism at the British Library: A Necrology

By John Clute

Proud and Lonely

A History of Science Fiction Fandom in Australia. Part One: 1930 - 1961

by Leigh Edmonds

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The first known dust-jacket to appear on a book in the UK dates from 1819.

Sadly, almost none of these jackets have survived. The one institution primarily responsible for this vandalism is the British Library, which removed dust-jackets from every book it accessioned, and destroyed almost all of them.

In The Book Blinders, distinguished critic, editor and novelist John Clute looks at 115 books whose jackets have survived out here in the real world. They escaped the burning. Each has a story to tell.

Aust: $79.90; UK £55.90; USA $69.00.

A review by Henry Wessells